A sampling of digital caricatures by Kerry

Gift caricatures are unique keepsakes used for birthdays, retirements, coach/teacher gifts and other special celebrations.

Spider Boy caricature
A birthday party caricature invitation for a young boy who is a big fan of Spider-Man. All his party guests also came dressed as their favorite superhero.
Physics Professor retirement card
A caricature project for a gentleman who celebrating his retirement. I also had the opportunity to design the “pop-up” retirement party invitation card.
Summer time wedding caricature
Wedding gift caricature of couple celebrating their summertime wedding
Anniversary gift caricature
Caricature of a married couple celebrating their anniversary and loves to spend time in the kitchen steaming crabs and baking cakes and pies.
Merry Christmas family caricature
A festive Christmas card that I designed for one of my fraternity brothers and his wonderful family. Happy Holidays! #4!
Birdwatcher caricature
Gift caricature of a cat-loving lady that plans to spend more time bird watching.
Caricature of Baltimore Ravens fan
A caricature of Mr. Jackson. He's a BIG fan of the Baltimore Ravens.
Bar mitzah gift caricature
A caricature for a young man celebrating his bar mitzvah. The young man loves playing soccer and the video game, Minecraft on the Xbox Gaming system.
Retirement pharmacist caricature
A gift caricature of a pharmacist who recently retired. The bumblebee is part of his company’s logo.
Happy birthday caricature
Caricature gift celebrating a friend's birthday, who enjoys writing poetry while at the beach.
Father's Day caricature jogger
A digital caricature that was a Father's Day gift to a Dad that's a big fan of the University of Tennessee Volunteer and running marathons.
Softball team caricature
Caricature project of four all-star softball team players that was presented as a graduation gift.
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