About Kerry G. Johnson

Kerry is an award-winning artist and art director whose work has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, books and on websites and blogs. Kerry has illustrated several children's books along with a unique line of greeting cards and "KerryWear" t-shirts and gifts.


Kerry is a hands-on creative director with the vision to inspire, collaborate and execute sophisticated design and illustrative solutions with dynamic graphic excellence.


He has worked as the art director and special publications manager of the American Physical Society (APS Physics). APS Physics is a leading professional organization of physicists.


Before joining APS, he worked as the newsroom graphics director at the Baltimore Sun newspaper. Before joining the Sun, he worked at various news organizations throughout the U.S.


Kerry also illustrates digital gift caricatures and live on-site caricatures at private homes, schools, corporate functions, church events and local festivals.


Kerry and his wife, Tawanda, a press secretary and public relations specialist, live in Columbia, Md., with their two children.


TWITTER: http://twitter.com/caricaturekerry


FACEBOOK: Kerry G. Johnson


ABOUT.ME: http://about.me/caricaturesbykerry


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